Q:QIs it possible to wear clothes and accessories for love dolls?

A:Please note the following points as measures to prevent color transfer.
Avoid wearing clothing that may cause color transfer.
Carefully check the washing label to see if the color fades when washed with water.
Before putting it on, test it for color transfer on the accessory hole cover or in an inconspicuous place on the product.
Wear white underwear or stockings under your clothes so that the fabric does not come into direct contact with the product.

Q:Is it possible to take a bath or shower?

A:Since skin is made of fabric, we do not recommend water washing. Use a damp cloth instead.

Q:How do you feel your skin?

A:The skin has a beautiful, natural luster and a smooth feel. The doll will give you an experience you have never experienced before.

Q:Can you customize the skin color

A:Yes, we can choose from three colors of skin.

Q:Can YOU customize the eye color?

A:Yes, we have multiple eyes to choose from, if you want to customize anime eyes, you can send a clear picture of the eyes, please note that there may be an extra charge for this.

Q:Can you customize the face shape of animation?

A:Yes, we have professional artists who can draw cartoon faces according to the pictures you provide, including her eyes and her expressions......