Conditions of Use


Because it is made of fabric material, it is possible to cause damage to the internal skeleton by uneven indirect bending, causing damage. In addition, there is a possibility that the damaged skeleton may be exposed to the outside and injury, so you need to be careful in handling.

The head is a desorption type. It is easy to insert, but it is possible to hold the state even if the gravity of the head is held in the joint part (head side) by reducing the friction at the head rotation, and when the gravity is applied in the downward direction, such as by overcoming the sliding effect.

Pussy installation:

The hole mounting part is about 2 to 5cm width / width width about 10cm / depth of about 20cm, and it is large, and it can correspond to most holes on the market.

For installation, you need to adjust with a towel.

* Please use this product when adjusting.

* this site does not sell the hall.